N O - I D E A

W A N T - O N E

M E E T - T H E M

F L Y - A W A Y


I - W R I T E

I - S E E
there's nothing to it. finally i've updated again. when was the last time? oh right, halloween. halloween was a pretty long way wasn't it? to tell you the truth i've kinda lost interest in this thing. i was planning to update this for the last time.

but then...

someone signed up for a title and boy oh boy. it was one of my schoolpals. i got so excited. i didn't know she liked this. so...i got my HTML to work again and since it's summer, i think i can still update. i'm nice ^-^ thank tintin.

there's lotsa new titles, see if yours is there.

btw, if you want t.r.u. to continue, anyone who knows HTML and has a lot of time in their hands can offer help ~ if u want to

see ya next update.

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